Requirements Engineering Made Easy

Save Time

Streamline the requirements engineering process and create detailed requirements from scratch in minutes and get instant quality check

Work Smarter

Automate the tedious, error-prone tasks of reviewing for best practices and industry standards so teams can focus on ensuring the right requirements are included and complete

Build Confidently

Avoid costly rework by identifying critical errors in the requirements stage before they manifest in later stages of development

Requirements Analysis


Imperatives are the critical words that command that something must be done – they are essential for a requirement to be valid. ReqForge checks each requirement for missing or improper use of imperatives, helping ensure every requirement has a single correct and actionable imperative.

Weak, Vague, and Subjective Words

Detect ambiguous language that introduces uncertainty and leaves room for multiple interpretations without constraints. Are there specific words you believe should never make it into a requirements document? Easily enforce clarity for you and your team by configuring the library to include problematic wording for detection.

Immeasurable Quantification

We all strive to author "effective" requirements that are "efficiently" written for "robust" and "powerful" products. However, a proper requirement must avoid the use of those immeasurable quantifiers to specify precisely the constraints for development & verification purposes.

Optional Escape Clauses

Catch optional language that indicates a constraint "can" or "should" be implemented. Removing unintended optional language tightens implementation scope – reducing risk & increasing control.

Superfluous Infinitives

You have great analyst but that doesn't mean they are robots and writ requirements repeatedly and reliably. ReqForge identifies the superfluous infinitives that are unnecessary verb-phrases – avoiding verification & validation issues.

Data-driven Quality Indicators

ReqForge's default quality analysis checks for eight quality indicators: imperatives, negative imperatives, vague wording, optional escape clauses, superfluous infinitives, cross-referencing pronouns, immeasurable quantification, and non-specific temporal words.

Upcoming Features

Business Value Suggestions

Based on the functionality ('I want') part of User Story, our AI will suggest you the value ('so that') part. No more brain-twisting what could be the value.

Efforts Estimation

Be ready before you step into the room to discuss a budget or product plan. Get unbiased implementation effort estimation from our experts, compare to similar requirements from others.

Boilerplate Requirements

Get boilerplate for functional and non-functional acceptance criteria for every level (software, platform and infrastructure). Adopt and change to your needs.


Use Requirements Wizard to select applicable compliance, level of adherence, and proceed with a preset list of requirements for most know software regulations.

Code Suggestions

Select your software technology stack to get tips and tricks, alongside code suggestions for specific requirement implementation.


Work simultaneously on the same product as a team. Discuss feedback and ideas with your colleagues. @mention colleagues in a comment to start a discussion. Get alerts when vital feedback and comments arrive.

Plans & Pricing

We have different pricing plans. Get started and switch your plan whenever you feel the need.



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Requirements Analysis and Validation Spellchecking



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Starter plan + Real-time editing & comments Effort estimation Boilerplate Requirements■ Version Control



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Team plan + On-premise Deployment Role permissions■ Tougher security■ Data at rest encryption■ Custom branding