Junior Frontend Engineer, React.js

Lviv, Ukraine

1. Our Tech Stack

    Frontend: TypeScript, React.js, React Native    Backend: TypeScript/Node.js, Ruby, GraphQL, Kafka    Storage: Postgres, Elastic, Redis    Data Pipeline: Python, Keboola, Looker, Snowflake    Infrastructure: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform
We work in small cross-functional team that consist 2 Developers, 2 BA, a designer, and a product manager. You’ll be part of the whole feature development lifecycle. You’ll see all the feedback we collected from our customers and you will be encouraged to come up with your ideas or objections.

2. Responsibilities

 Responsible for development of new highly-responsive, react native based user interface for mobile apps
• Construct visualizations that are able to depict vast amounts of data
• Work and collaborate with the rest of the engineering team
• Work with product team and graphic designers
• Learn and understand user interactions
• Develop a flexible and well-structured mobile app architecture, along with the APIs to support IT

3. Requirements

• Familiarity with state/data management libraries (redux/mobx)• Knowledge of the latest js standards• Familiarity with debugging tools• Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3.• Experience in modern software development practices and tools• Experience with Git.As a plus:• Experience with Chrome Extensions.• Experience with Google Sheet API.

4. Culture

Our culture is one of trust and openness, free of workplace politics, and hasty decisions. Thoughtful and transparent collaboration is a value that's integral to our founding principles. For us, success is a team sport, so it's important you're a team player. 

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